We are a non-profit charitable organization (501(c)(3)) serving the Las Vegas population. Our mission is to promote the Indian culture within the community, to promote events and activities that help maintain the cultural heritage of India. We also invest back in the community by hosting various cultural and charity events.

Our Mission

To promote and preserve the Asian Indian Culture inclusive of sentiment, respect, thought, feeling and moral associated with the living or non-living elements and objects. Hereafter the word “Culture” includes all of the elements mentioned above.

To educate, introduce and acquaint Asian Indians and people of non Asian Indian origins, with Asian Indian culture, thoughts, morals and heritage associated with the living and non-living elements and objects.

To disseminate the Asian Indian culture and heritage, with the intent to create a sense of respect for the Asian Indian Culture, in a society in any sphere of the universe.

To foster understanding and friendship, and communal harmony among various Indian organizations and other ethnic groups.

Click here for FOILV By-laws

Current FOILV Committee

President – Mahendra Mehta

Mahendra Mehta is a community leader and organizer for the South Asian community in Las Vegas. Since Mahendra moved to Las Vegas he has been an integral part of the South Asian community for over 8 years, holding a variety … Read More

President Elect -Dr. Ram Singh

Doctor Ram K. Singh, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FACHE is a highly respected cardiologist and a philanthropist. He has served the Las Vegas community for more than twenty years and is the founder, owner, and President of Advanced  Heart & Vascular … Read More

Vice President – Namita Saran

Namita Saran is Vice President of Friends of India. She has been an active member of the organization for over two decades. She was in charge of Public Relation, prior to being elected Vice President of the organization. She also … Read More

Secretary – Neel Shah

Neel Shah is the secretary of Friends of India, a role he assumed in May 2019. Neel’s Direct responsibility is to adhere to standard practice Non-Profit organization, conduct timely meetings with Executive team and reports to the President of FOI. … Read More

Cultural Secretary – Anu Pande

Anu Pande is an experienced educator with more than 19 years of experience. She has been associated with the Clark County School District since 1999. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a major in Chemistry / … Read More

Treasurer – Bhawna Jain

Bhawna jain was appointed as Friends Of India Treasurer in April of 2019. Her role includes Financial management and/or oversight. She manage or oversee the management of the financial affairs of the organization, often including such tasks as sending invoices … Read More

Public Relations – Lipika Mukhopadhyay

Lipika Mukhopadhyay is the Public Relations Director of Friends of India. Lipika is responsible for reaching out to the community to raise funds so Friends of India can continue to host their events. She also works closely with sponsors and … Read More