All Group Leaders: Please read the guidelines and expectations before filling out the entry form (DIWALI ENTRY FORM document). Submission for the entries begins September 8th, 2020 at 8:00 am and closes September 25th at 8:00 pm. Any entries received after the deadline will not be accepted. The Virtual Diwali Event is on November 7th, 2020!

Click here to fill out Participant Form

Important Dates:

  1. A video of the complete performance with all the participants should be sent to me by October 9th, 2020 by 10:00 p.m. This will be used to determine your line up in the cultural program. 
  2. All songs/ music/ karaoke tracks used during your performance need to be sent to me by October 11th by 10:00 pm.
  3. Every participant must follow the guidelines and expectations outlined below to be eligible to perform. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Group Leaders/Performer expectations: PLEASE READ INFORMATION CAREFULLY 

  1. All participants in the performance are required to be in the video sent to me.
  2. Any participant in the performance should have their name on the form.
  3. No performer will be added to the already submitted performance.
  4. Only items with 2 or more performers will be allowed. NO SOLO PERFORMANCES will be accepted. No EXCEPTIONS.
  5. There must be an equal contribution from all participants during the performance
  6. All performances must be 4 minutes or less.
  7. Participation in more than one item is not permitted.
  8. No repetition of songs will be allowed (no remixes either!!!) – Songs will be given to groups on a first-come, first-serve basis based on when the Entry Form is filled out.
  9. No changes to your song selection will be allowed after the last date of entries unless requested by the cultural committee due to repetition.
  10. We will be taking a maximum of 30 entries. Unique, culturally-relevant, and well-prepared performances will be preferred.
  11. We will stop accepting entries when the 30 entries are filled or at 8:00 pm on September 25th, 2020, whichever is reached first.
  12. Like always we would like to promote the use of props. Every group is encouraged to use a prop that is incorporated into the performance. Please fill in the Entry form what prop(s) you would be using.
  13. We are not accepting any entries for MC’s, please do not request.
  14. Entries will only be accepted by Anu Pande.
    In case of any issue, please email
  15. There will be no rehearsal on the stage before the event.
  16. Cultural Committee’s decision is FINAL on every item.
  17. All entries which are incomplete, not in the official entry form, or do not follow all the guidelines and expectations will not be considered and will result in rejection.

I am here to serve my community, feel free to email me with any questions or concerns related to your performance at my email Thank you!

Warm Regards!


Anu Pande