Over 400 Community Members Celebrate Exuberant Holi Picnic

A picturesque Las Vegas spring afternoon under the clear bright sky brought over four hundred community members to celebrate Holi festival organized by Friends of India. The attendees, adults and kids alike, were exuberant, energetic and were enjoying smearing a mix of vibrant color powders on friends and family members. At the same time, attendees were savoring the freshly prepared delectable appetizers and lunch. The scrumptious lunch was catered by Surjeet Singh’s India Palace, one of the longest running Indian restaurant in Las Vegas.

New Committee

The annual colorful Holi festival has become the most popular Indian cultural event in the valley. This year the lively colorful festival was attended by many newcomers along with the familiar community friends and family members. The 2019 Holi festivities brought in more people from the community than ever before since the club started celebrating Holi beginning in mid-eighties. Internet ticket sales were way past the previous years.

DJ’s Nirav & Gaurav were busy cracking the best of Bollywood hits while the dance floor under the mesquite tree was packed by Holi revelers shrouded in dry Holi colors.

Traditionally, the annual Holi picnic has become an Annual General Meeting of the Friends of India club and this year was no different.  The new Executive Committee is taking over the reign of the Friends of India.  The newly formed two-year Executive Committee is headed by the incoming President Mahendra Mehta along with Ram Singh, President-elect; Namita Saran, Vice-President; Anu Pande, Cultural Secretary; Lipika Mukhopadhyay, Public Relations; Bhawna Jain, Treasurer; and Neel Shah, Secretary.  In his succinct welcoming speech, the incoming President Mahendra Mehta congratulated his new team of volunteers for their commitment to

serve the growing and prosperous Indian community. Furthermore, Mr. Mehta thanked the outgoing members of the committee for their dedication and exemplary work during the past two years. In an informal conversation with vegasdesi, Mr. Mehta outlined an ambitious plan to bring the Indian community together by cooperating with other Indian clubs to bring the cultural diversity of India to Southern Nevada,

Friends of India and it’s new committee is looking forward to celebrating many Indian festivals beginning with upcoming India’s Independence Day, followed by much awaited Diwali celebrations.

  • Event: Holi 2019
  • Date: 31st March 2019
  • Venue: Mountain Crest Park, 4701 North Durango Dr