Public Relations – Lipika Mukhopadhyay

Lipika Mukhopadhyay is the Public Relations Director of Friends of India. Lipika is responsible for reaching out to the community to raise funds so Friends of India can continue to host their events. She also works closely with sponsors and other officers to ensure the advertisements in the Diwali magazine are to their liking. Professionally, she is a dietitian and has worked in several hospitals. She has extensive training in Hindustani classical music and in Rabindra Sangeet, receiving a degree in both from Indian universities. She is actively involved in multiple cultural organizations. She was President of Bengali Association of Nevada (BANV), a non-profit organization celebrating Bengali culture, and was previously Vice President of the organization as well for 6 years. She is currently working as a chairperson for NABC 2020-21 which is organized by CAB (Culture Association Of Bengal USA), a nonprofit national organization promoting Indian cultural activities in North America.